KUNA Luxury

KUNA Luxury is our most exclusive line; it is a creative space in which we have the privilege of expressing ourselves through the finest noble fibers produced worldwide: Vicuna, Guanaco, Cashmere and silk, transforming these into exquisite garments that do not only bring along great elegance, fineness, luxury and quality, but also the magic brought to us through the fact of being inheritors of the mastery and refinement of ancient empire lovers and creators of beauty. All of this majestically combined with the most sophisticated and innovating technology.

KUNA Luxury is a limited edition, meaning that each product is numbered. This collection comes with a beautiful wooden packaging and a Certificate of Authenticity registered at the National Register of Vicuna granted by the Ministry of Agriculture of Peru and CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora).

Our Fibres



Full of grace and elegance, today the vicuna canters freely in the Andean highlands after having overcome the danger of its extinction. It grasps the warmth of the sun and the golden rays to color its fiber, as if knowing that in each celebration of the Chaccu, man will gather it with respect in order to create beauty with it; afterwards, it will be delivered to the world and transformed into garments that bring absolute fineness and high-quality, to be admired and enjoyed to the fullest. The vicuna fiber is considered the finest fiber in the world.



In contrast to its strong figure and wild beauty, the Guanaco produces an extremely fine fiber of a soft cinnamon-color. It is a warm and silky raw material with which we produce garments that, in addition to excellent quality, offer an unusual charm – a result that may come from a primal species, linked to the development of the Andean man from the remotest of its origins, those who are lost in a myth and legend.



This camelid wanders the Peruvian Andes and has the longest fiber with the widest color range in the world of textiles. Colors range from white to black, with countless shades of browns and grays. This quality added to the warmth and softness of the fiber inspired the creativity and development of the Andean textile industry, particularly Inca motives. Today, this extraordinary fiber plays a key role in the textile industry.



The nobility of the Llama is of the land. Perhaps that is why there has always been an intimate relationship between the llama, the Incas, and the gods. This animal is an absolute symbol of the work in the Inca Empire, where Llamas were used for transport in the Andes. There are two breeds of Llama: Chacu with long fiber, and Ccara with short fiber – both with particular qualities and colors.



Wool has numerous properties. This fiber comes from the spotless white top coat of the Merino lamb and is one of the most versatile, well-known and marketed fibers worldwide. Moreover, it offers thermal insulation, hence it is useful in diverse climates, as its characteristic such as fineness, elasticity, and softness have inspired various designs and garments of high-quality, which KUNA offers to the fashion world.



In the past, silk was used exclusively by the Chinese Imperial family and for over 4,000 years it has had the reputation of being a luxurious and sensual fabric associated with wealth and success. Silk is spun by members of the caterpillar family, the silkworm, and holds the status of “The Queen of Textiles”. It is prized for its versatility, usability, brightness, and comfort. At KUNA, we weave this exclusive material into various luxurious garments and accessories.



Cotton has been growing in Northern Peru for over 4,000 years and for millenniums it has been used to create garments of enduring beauty. To obtain high-quality cotton, the plant is carefully selected and collected and then processed by experts who combine their talent with advanced technology to ensure the survival of this ancient tradition. KUNA seeks to continue this tradition by using only the best Peruvian cotton to produce delicate garments.



Bamboo is a fiber that breathes, merging the purity of unexplored environments of Asia with our Andean world; a world filled with creativity, magic, and ancestral culture. KUNA expresses this through colorful unique designs and ever-changing designs. Our garments are the result of this union, and their originality expresses ancient textile heritage and on-going innovation.