Colors of Collawa and Cabana Nature

The multicolored magnitude of skirts, vests, and hats tell about the richness of the flora and fauna arising in the immensity of the Colca Valley, its inhabitants illustrating and making the value of their culture perennial through colors, embroidery, and knits. Our new Fall / Winter 2018-19 Collection gathers the colors, embroidery, and knits from the Collawa and Cabana cultures, a population that dwells in the eastern and western areas of the Colca River basin; water runs down from the Yaretane and Torre hills feeding the esplanades covered by vegetation, areas used for farming and cattle breeding. The rush of water plunges into the depths of the canyon, flowing past small villages scattered throughout the valley, while the condor’s flight in the sky thrills those who are present to view this magnificent sight.