Feel the Hands of the Andes

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KUNA is the achievement of GRUPO INCA and Mr. Francis O. Patthey.

His commitment is to create garments of the highest quality, using the magic and art of the millenary textiles of Peru, recreated as an avant-garde proposal and a refined selection of camelid fibers, the best in the world, promoting their rational use, protecting each species and also preserving valuable ancestral knowledge, which at KUNA is articulated with the most modern technology, developing our own methods, which today allows us the privilege of offering our collection to the world, an original Peruvian treasure. KUNA "Feel the Hands of the Andes".

KUNA, more than a name, is the meeting of two times and two very different worlds: The past, through the inspiration in the rich aesthetic and technical expressions of ancient Andean cultures, which reflect the harmonious relationship that its people had with nature and the world around them. And the present, through the hands of extraordinary designers who, in the selection of each color, in their strokes and in their designs, give a new life to our roots.

KUNA carries in each garment the softness of the best fiber from our alpacas and vicuñas, llamas and guanacos, but it also takes care in the conservation, breeding and improvement of these species, and in the preservation of the Andean communities and their invaluable knowledge and culture.

KUNA brings to the world of design and fashion a style that expresses and evokes the work of nature, human prowess and the legacy of a fabulous heritage and turns them into a contemporary expression with a unique and captivating style. KUNA. Feel the Hands of the Andes.


In Kuna we articulate that magical world of textures and color, which constitutes the ancestral textile heritage that Peru possesses, full of manual skill and ancient secrets, whose main exponents are breeders and artisans, inhabitants of the Andes, with the application of the most modern assembled technology that are reflected in the 20 years of textile experience, with a cutting-edge vision in the artistic field of design. All this in a permanent search to go beyond, even, the satisfaction of our customers, achieving a unique and original finish to our products in the world of fashion.

Raising and Care

In the cold Punean highlands, where the sky is confused with blue water mirrors, is Pacomarca (The Place of the Alpacas). A place dedicated to the breeding and genetic improvement of these South American camelids, through the application of cutting-edge scientific systems. In this way, the fiber obtained from alpacas is improved, preserving the species and highlighting its extraordinary qualities: softness, warmth and finesse, which have made it recognized throughout the world. At Kuna we are convinced that the high quality of our products is nothing more than the sum of small details elaborated with true care, both by the skilled hands of master craftsmen and by the application of our own high technology, the product of our research. Thus, each of our products carries the sum of an intention with high human content, respect for nature and care for the environment, whose main goal is to achieve the satisfaction of our customers.

Experimental Station for Scientific Research PACOMARCA