Prices are in US dollars.

Prices include shipping costs, insurance, and customs clearance.

Additional taxes may apply to countries such as Canada and India, and these will be charged in addition to the price shown.

If the delivery is outside the courier's service area, additional costs will apply.

Prices are subject to change beyond Kuna's control.


Only applicable for purchases made at kunastores.com for shipments made solely from Peru. 

Kuna will inform you of any possible lack of stock, being entitled to cancel any purchase made on it.

The customer must provide the correct and exact delivery information when executing the purchase. 

Filling in incorrect, incomplete, or inaccurate delivery information is the customer's sole responsibility. If this is the case, Incalpaca may cancel the order, as a preventive measure.

The average shipment and delivery time is 20 business days. However, the time limit may be extended due to external circumstances, which will be informed beforehand. 

If the purchase cannot be delivered within 20 working days, and this is due to the consumer, the delivery date will be rescheduled and informed. Any additional costs will be borne by the consumer.

The customer may contact e-kuna@incalpaca.com for additional information concerning the delivery of its purchase. 

The order must be received by a capable person. 

The shipment and delivery of the products purchased by kunastores.com are carried out by third parties. Incalpaca exempts itself from responding, under all circumstances, to any possible inconvenience attributable to these third parties.


If you cannot find the shipping country to be able to make a purchase, please contact KUNA via email e-kuna@incalpaca.com to give you the necessary information to complete your purchase.